Miquos: YouTube Network

Rethinking YouTube Partnership.

Miquos: YouTube Network

Rethinking YouTube Partnership.

High Revenue

We like to provide more while taking less. That’s why all channels in our network receive a 90% share out of their earnings. You’re the one doing most of the work, after all.

Useful Tools

As a partner, you can access useful tools & services such as the Epidemic Sound and AudioMicro music libraries. This and other tools will help you create even better content.

No Lock-In

We have confidence in our service, and that’s why we allow all our partners to leave us at any time and for any or no reason on a 30 days’ notice. You’re not locked into a long-term contract.

Fair Payouts

We don’t believe in minimum amounts or thresholds for payouts. Instead, we will pay you any amount you earned. We send out payments every months through several payment methods.

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    Sponsorships & Premium Advertising

    Earn extra revenue by working with brands through our Brand+ program and benefit from our direct ad sales. We provide our partners with plenty of opportunities to increase their earnings.

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    Personal Guidance & Support

    We’re always available to help you out when you need it. Whether you have a question or just need some feedback on your latest video idea, we’ll be there to help.

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    Grow your Channel

    Our tools and experience can help you build your audience and grow your channel. We’re dedicated to helping our partners grow and improve.

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    Join the Community

    At Miquos, we try to connect our partners. Cross-promotion and collaboration can be extremely valuable for YouTube creators. That’s why having a strong partner community is important to us.

Partners of the Miquos YouTube network have access to both the My Miquos and Creative Nation dashboard. Soon we’re launching an even better replacement: CreatorSuite.
Miquos is a YouTube Network that was established in June 2013. Our mission is to revolutionize the YouTube network industry. We want creators of all sizes to be able to access the right tools and expertise, without giving up all their revenue or being locked in to a contract.

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